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Hi Friends!

Feeling not good enough?

You are not alone. So many people struggle with issues around valuing and loving themselves. I’ve worked with amazing people who seemed to “have it all” who told me they felt like impostors — that no matter what they did, they still had that black hole, sinking feeling that they were just not “good enough“.

I was that person who never felt good enough.  I know how it feels.

I know ALL about this black hole. I was plagued, tortured and held hostage by this feeling for most of my life. I spent countless years consumed with finding ways to fill that hole in my soul that told me I was unworthy. I used relationships, alcohol, the pursuit of money, spirituality, relentless self-improvement, food — anything that held the promise to fill me up so I could feel that I was ENOUGH!

I tried everything, but nothing worked.

These were all temporary fixes at best. All I did was exhaust and deplete myself. No matter what I accomplished, how much I made, how much I learned, or how much good fortune came my way, it was never, ever going to be enough because I felt that I was not enough!

I figured out why. At my core, I didn’t feel valuable and worthy on the inside.

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and you hustle for your worthiness”.

Brene Brown

The truth I finally discovered is that without a solid sense of self-love, we are doomed to constantly need to prove ourselves and look for our value in things outside of us. It finally became crystal clear… we will never find real self-worth from anything outside of us.

I will teach you the art of loving yourself exactly as you are.

I can help you fill that black hole with things that actually do fill you up and make you feel whole by helping you discover how amazing your true self really is (and always was).

So, if you are ready to crawl out of that black hole of “I’m not good enough” and move into genuine self love, join me. Come back here for more of what you have always been longing for; to find the love of your life… YOURSELF!

We will walk this journey together with gentleness, joy, love and laughter!
With Love,

Darcy Sweeney

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