Have you thought about what Labor Day means? Do you have any inclination to “celebrate” your work? For way too many of us the idea of work or “labor” calls to mind something dull and monotonous or perhaps frustrating and difficult but for most, not something worthy of celebration. For most people, the experience of Labor Day is much more about getting AWAY from work than actually celebrating it.

If we are not doing work that we enjoy in a way that we can enjoy it, our lives become just like the phrase “a daily grind”. I know all about this. At one time in my life I lived only for the weekends, the next holiday or vacation because I was doing work I did not enjoy.

I was programmed to believe that work was not supposed to be enjoyable, it was supposed to be hard and monotonous, and when I laughed and enjoyed myself I was told to stop acting like a child and grow up. The powerful messaging I (and many of us) received is that work was not meant to be enjoyable and certainly not fun. So that was exactly what I experienced. It is so important for us to become aware of our internal programming because what our subconscious mind believes is exactly what we will attract into our lives, regardless of what we “say” we want. Our subconscious minds are extremely powerful.

I did not yet hold the belief or awareness that work could actually be something I could love, have fun doing and make a good living at. I learned that just like anything else worthwhile, it takes a lot of work (laboring), but I had also realized that anything worth getting is not something you obtain overnight. Shortly after this awareness I had an “aha” in realizing I was already working hard (working my ass off, actually) doing what I did NOT enjoy, so why not apply this to something that I DID enjoy!
Today, this is my experience, I love what I do and I have so much fun doing it, so I know this is possible for you too. When you find this in your own life, then every day becomes worthy of celebration.

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