Finding Your Personal Freedom on Independence Day

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Along with feeling tremendously grateful for the gift and privilege that we have to live in a country that values freedom, I also think about a different kind of freedom…the freedom to be exactly who we are.

For many years, I hid behind a mask of who I thought I was supposed to be and who I thought I should be depending upon the person, place and situation. I was living with a false (ego) self that convinced me that who I was just wasn’t good enough, therefore I felt I had to constantly pretend. It lead me to some dark places as I ceaselessly attempted to outrun myself, (through substances, achievements, relationships, etc), but no matter where I went, there I was.

After the pain became unbearable and terrified of what I might find, I summoned up the courage to finally face myself—my demons, my own darkness. While it wasn’t a joy ride, what I found at my core, was that who I am (just like every single one of you), is not only good enough, but pretty damn amazing. I have since let go of the need to control anyone, I no longer have that once desperate need for external approval, and I do not feel that I have to constantly prove my worthiness. I know who I am, and I am good with that. This to me, is the ultimate freedom.

Freedom to be who really we are IS the greatest gift. When we let go of our need to control and get out of our own way (the ultimate paradox), we then find ourselves with such a surplus of life energy to express who we are and enjoy our lives the way we were meant to… by being happy, joyous and free!

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