I love working with Darcy. She has made a real and profound difference in my life. She sees the best in me, something I don’t always see in myself. Because she sees this and holds me to this, the best in me is really coming out! My life is really changing and I am so grateful.

Darcy is an impressive speaker who has a powerful message. She touches your heart with the challenges that she faced in her lifetime and she inspires your soul with her dedication to finding solutions. She has designed every aspect of her program based on her own success in overcoming tremendous obstacles. Join forces with Darcy and let her make a difference in your life.

I spent the last few years in a lot of pain. Emotionally and physically I did not know how to heal. I was referred to Darcy Sweeney and met with her several times. She was so nurturing and I felt so safe with her. She guided me through inner child work. I became my inner child, I became my mother. I spoke as my inner child and my mother would to each other. It was absolutely amazing what came out that needed to be healed. I cried, I yelled, years of emotions came out of me. When I was done I felt such a release, I felt lighter and free. I could only have had this breakthrough because of the training Darcy has and the trust you feel working with her. I can tell you first hand how much she helped me. I highly recommend her to everyone.

Darcy is passionate in the way she cares for and helps others. She is very intelligent, articulate, creative and understanding. These skills are vital for the people she works with as everybody has their own unique circumstance. Darcy’s existence makes the world a better place.

After attending Darcy’s workshop, all I can say is WOW!
I enjoyed the laughter, interactions with others, games, music, revisiting childhood memories and the atmosphere she created to connect with my inner child’s joy! But it was the after effects of that experience that really “Wowed” me. The sense of joy that sprang from my inner child who got to play and dance and trust others was a burst of energy that made me feel very happy. I noticed ideas forming in my mind in a whole new way… Wow!, My creativity which had been neatly tucked away, suddenly came alive. Even recalling the experience is putting a smile on my face! I’m also finding this JOY to be very portable, I can put it to use in all areas of my life.

Darcy is a confident, strong, courageous woman who is committed to excellence and determined in her pursuit of self awareness and sharing that wisdom with others. She is a warm, engaging fun loving person who is genuinely interested in helping others. Darcy’s strengths of insight, ability to identify and understand feelings, and to inspire self awareness in others, are enhanced by her sincere interest, genuine concern for and strong desire to empower others to live their best life and fulfill their potential.

Darcys workshops were inspiring and fun. What I walked away with is a real ability to get more engaged in activities and my life the way I did when I was a kid. It really made a difference as it helped me to become more present with life and experience joy like I did when I was young. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to have fun and how much it helps me feel alive and more creative. I would highly recommend her and her workshops!

Darcy is vivacious and energetic. She is a strong compassionate leader and cares deeply for others. She is bright and carries a kind of wisdom and humility that she probably does not give herself credit for. She is not afraid to be frankly honest and is quick to evaluate an issue or situation.

Darcy is not only an innovative thinker and problem solver but a true expert. She strategically takes a unique approach to resolving issues quickly and effectively. She has an innate ability to help others in overcoming behaviors that hold them back from succeeding. Her professional yet compassionate approach is invaluable to anyone she serves. Above all her charismatic personality and strong desire to help others succeed really sets her apart from others in her field.

Darcy has the unique ability to bring out the best in her clients as well as herself. Her contagiously optimistic life view coupled with her clinical training, have helped me to realize my true potential not only as an artist but as a total human being. Darcy uses unique techniques and tools that are challenging; but once mastered and applied, truly do lead to the road to success no matter what your specific discipline may be.

Darcy is engaging and communicates almost immediately her positive outlook which is such an asset for clients needing hope and encouragement. She’s a thoughtful listener, which allows people to feel heard and never judged. She is genuinely positive, motivated and truly interested in helping others, all of which makes her easy and inspiring to be around.