Live Events

There is nothing like the energy and electricity at an event and it has always been one of my favorite formats to teach. It not only allows my message to get out to more people but I almost guarantee you will end up meeting some life long friends along the way.
The next event is we have planned is in Jupiter Florida early next year. Watch for updates and if you are on the mailing list you will receive some cool inside information about the event too!


My programs are┬áliterally a result of my life’s work based on my own personal growth as well as working with my clients. It is the best and fastest way I know of to truly heal old wounds and anything that is holding you back from feeling the way you were meant to… AMAZING. I currently teach this to all of my personal clients but also in groups and workshops where a certain magic always happens! I am also finishing an online program that will be ready in the very near future.

Come On Get Happy! Freedom From Addiction

This program is the essence of what I learned and applied in my own life to be finally free of addictive behavior, but most importantly, to live a full and joyous life. It is a comprehensive 8 module program that addresses and shows how to heal the core issues that got us addicted in the first place and move on to live extraordinarily.

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Come on Get Happy! Embracing your Inner Child

Expanding upon one of the key principles in my work, this program really digs deep into getting back to our child-like, fun selves! This teaching shows us not only how important this is for our health, relationships, work and success but that life and success can and should be fun!

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Inner-Net / Reconnecting the Disconnect

Reclaiming Intimacy and Connection in an Increasingly Disconnected World. While technology is a wonderful thing that electronically connects us, it is often the very thing that separates us from meaningful connection with each other and ultimately with our true selves. This program addresses how this ever growing phenomena is affecting our relationships and how to reclaim this critical human connection.

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